GTM strategy
that brings revenue

With 16 years of experience leading product marketing at Google, Indeed, and Handshake, I help HR Tech and AI companies to bring customers who pay and stay.

Product Marketing Consultant in the Bay Area

  • 16 years

    Leading Product Marketing at Fortune 500 (Google, Indeed) & fast growing startups (Handshake, Glia)
  • $0 → $30M

    Launched Hire by Google n the US, UK, CA and grew the business to $30MM ARR
  • $60 → $100M

    Increased Handshake's ave. deal size by 30% and helped the company reach $100M in ARR
  • 5 $100M

    Products launched: G Pay, Indeed Hiring Platform, Handshake Premium, GCP, Google Workspace
I work in 6-10 weeks sprints
Diagnosing and Researching
I analyze your business challenge and research the market, customers, and competitors. Depending on data availability, research may rely on internal sources, external sources, or a combination of both.
Defining your ICP
I collect data to define your best customers, their business, pain, and dream state. Understanding their decision-making process, switching behavior, and objections helps in creating effective product messaging.
Crafting a product messaging framework
I develop a product messaging framework that includes a positioning statement (elevator pitch), key messages (benefits), and a set of product features with proof points for each key message.
I provide detailed recommendations on how to implement the framework in your marketing, sales enablement and packaging. I can also write end-user copy.
Revenue Check-in
Within 2-4 months of implementation I offer a free 1hr check in to review performance and recommend further optimization tips.
How are you better/ different than competitors?
My specialty is diagnosing business problems and building product positioning that supports business goals. Unlike most Product Marketing Managers (PMMs), who rely on generic best practices, I use data from multiple sources to create tailored solutions, including effective product messaging.
What else can you do?
  • Customer and Market Research (Qualitative and Quantitative)
  • Messaging and Positioning
  • Packaging & Pricing
  • Copywriting
  • Sales Enablement
  • Go-To-Market (GTM) Strategy
  • Building and Mentoring a PMM Team
  • Fractional CMO
What data do you collect?
  • Business challenge and goal
  • Customer reports with ARR, NPS, product activity
  • Customer Interviews / transcripts
  • Any product/marketing surveys conducted
  • Support information, NPS scores, and CRM notes
  • Interviews with team members as needed
  • Recent marketing campaigns and their performance
  • Product deep dive
Who would you want to speak to internally?
  • Project owner (usually a Founder or a Marketing lead)
  • Product Lead/ Product manager
  • Customer support/ CS members
  • Sales reps and SDRs
  • PMM if present
How much does your service cost?
It all comes down to scope, goal, and availability of information. Schedule a free 25-minute consultation to talk details, and I’ll provide you with a custom quote. I require payment upfront to avoid collection headaches for both you and me.
How long does it take?
4-8 weeks. The timeline may be extended depending on the availability of internal stakeholders, data and the timeliness of feedback.
Artem Chetverykov, Sr. Product Marketing Director & Consultant (ex-Google, Indeed, Handshake)
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